At Compassionate Cancer Care, we understand that starting chemotherapy can be an overwhelming and a life changing decision.

In order to ease your transition into treatment, we offer chemotherapy classes and education to anyone who chooses to enroll in a class.  During our chemoeducation class we discuss with you one-on-one and in person the effects of any chemotherapy you will be receiving. This  includes but is not limited to: 


1. Drug information- we will provide the latest information about chemotherapy drugs including how they work, their potential side effects, and self-care tips while on these therapies


2. How to manage side effects- provide the latest information about potential side effects of chemotherapy


3. Nutrition- what foods to eat and avoid during treatment

4. Chemotherapy Basics- we provide one-on-one instruction to go over the basics of chemotherapy with you, a family member, or friend so you can know what to expect as you undertake your treatment.

5. Resources- we will also provide information on any resources that may be helpful such as the American Cancer Society or 

support groups.