Chemotherapy Education

What you’ll learn

At Compassionate Cancer Care, we understand that starting chemotherapy can be an overwhelming and a life changing decision. In order to ease your transition into treatment, we offer chemotherapy classes and education to anyone who chooses to enroll in a class.  During our chemoeducation class we discuss with you one-on-one and in person the effects of any chemotherapy you will be receiving.

Drug information
How chemotherapy drugs work, their potential side effects, and self-care tips while on these therapies
Chemotherapy basics
One-on-one instruction to go over the basics with you, a family member, or friend so you can know what to expect as you undertake your treatment.
Managing side effects
Latest information about the potential side effects of chemotherapy
Other resources
Information on any resources that may be helpful, such as the American Cancer Society or support groups
What foods to eat and avoid while undergoing treatment