Oral Drug Pharmacy

Oral Treatments

Oral cancer treatments are increasingly being used to treat cancer cells. As medicine continues to advance, there has a been a shift from intravenous chemotherapy to oral cancer treatments. Oral drugs include treatments by tablet, capsule, or liquid form which can kill cancer and halt its growth.  Oral treatments can be prescribed by your doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant, and has the same benefits and risks as chemotherapy. Patients now have many oral options for treatment that provides more convenience, more tailored, personalized treatments that target specific mutations in your cancer.

In the past, oral treatments were only available through specialty pharmacies through a third-party provider. Now we are pleased to offer in house oral oncolytic dispensing for added patient convenience. We will educate you on proper storage, handling, and disposal and best time to take the medication. In addition, we offer timely support for your symptoms and side effects. We also offer help with co-payment assistance, insurance coupons, and insurance authorizations. Please ask your provider if oral oncolytics is an option for your condition.*

* Treatment availability dependent on insurance approval