To increase patient engagement in select exam rooms, we offer Patient Point which is a room program that is a teaching guide while you wait. It helps the patients in a beneficial way so they learn about topics while they wait. Exam room touch screens allow for patients to interact with groundbreaking interactive digital content in the exam room which engages providers, patients and caregivers. There are educational materials on conditions, treatments, and different drug brands.

Patient point.jpg

Patient Point in select exam rooms allow for :

- Active and passive digital modes for continual engagement

- Multimedia education on specific disease topics


- 3D anatomical/videos


- Infographics/quizzes

- Resources on disease types and different types of cancers

- QR code scan with your phone to access select education 

PatientPoint | Interact enriches the exam room experience with multimedia education (articles, videos, 3D anatomicals) to aid patient comprehension and reinforce key steps for treatment compliance.

Patients need different information at each point in their care experience. They are looking for the right questions to ask their doctor while in the exam room; they want more specific information to help with a diagnosed condition in the exam room; sometimes they need an interactive explanation of their disease. Patient Point interactive tool is another resource that be used to answer patient questions.