Personalized Medicine

Our work with Tempus®

Personalized medicine is the future of hematology and oncology care. Here at Compassionate Cancer Care, we work with Tempus to conduct genomic sequencing on both the tumor and the patient’s blood to identify genomic alterations that we can potentially target with new therapies.

Our approach

With new drugs being developed at a rapid rate and new research being performed to understand the mechanisms driving various cancers, we are now able to tailor therapy to the individual patient.

We are about to test the genetic makeup of each cancer and the somatic and germline mutations in each patient. With this information, we can now customize treatment to each patient’s needs and target each cancer uniquely.

By creating a personalized treatment plan, we can help patients live longer as well as dramatically improving quality of life. As our field has advanced, we have learned that certain treatments worked better for some patients than for others.

Our practice now offers:

Genetic Testing

Targeted treatments

Oncotyping in breast cancer

Breast cancer subtyping

Colon cancer subtyping, including microsatellite testing


Somatic and germline mutation testing

“Liquid biopsies” with the ability to check tumor genomics with a simple blood draw